London Dungeon



London Dungeon

Scream in horror as you walk through the best interactive attraction in the city. Travel through the ghoulish London Dungeon if you dare!

What you need to know about the London Dungeon

City: London, United Kingdom

Transport links: Westminster tube station (District, Circle and Jubilee lines).

Nearby attractions: London Eye, Houses of Parliament

Access: Tickets are much cheaper if bought online. If bought on the day when you arrive they will cost around £30 per adult. You can buy a ticket that provides access to more than one attraction so you can, for example, visit the London Dungeon and the London Eye for a big discount when purchasing the combo ticket.

Fact: In 2010 an advertising campaign ran across the London Underground (the tube) where a digital screen showing Queen Mary suddenly featured her change into an undead, zombie queen. This was so scary for people who travel on the Underground that the campaign had to be stopped!

Get a ticket to ride through the gruesome history of London

Prepare yourself for a journey through a millennium of the most terrifying parts of the British capital city's history.

You will be walking through and interacting with scenes and characters including Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, Guy Fawkes and more.

All played by a troupe of fantastic actors, the London Dungeon provides you with a full-on experience to savour. You just might not sleep too well afterwards! Globedge disclaimer: you will have no trouble sleeping.

There is even a boat ride at one point and a pretty thrilling finale your time in the Dungeon. The whole tour should last around two hours.


Prepare yourself for brilliant live actors to scare you senseless with tales of ghosts.

Interactivity is what makes the London Dungeon so unique

Many attractions tell you the story and history of a particular place or topic. What makes the London Dungeon stand out is that you are fully immersed in the stories that you are being told to the point where you are directly placed into the story itself. One moment you are in the thick of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, and the next you are trying to avoid being murdered by the infamous Jack the Ripper. It is fast-paced, frantic, frenetic and a huge amount of fun!

A highly skilled group of 20 actors will be taking you through 19 interactive shows that evoke dread, horror and an overriding desire to do it all again when it is over. Who knew we all liked having the bejesus scared out of us so much.


It might be best to not try the pies when you are hiding from Sweeney Todd.

The London Dungeon makes learning fun

There is no denying that the fun of the London Dungeon is the scares, jumps and frights you get when on the tour around it. You will also undoubtedly leave with an additional understanding of some of the most noteworthy moments from the varied history of London. You're guaranteed to learn while you scream which is a win in anyone's book.

The actors do not break character to answer questions but will be feeding little historical facts that they intertwine with the stories that their characters are telling while they interact with you.

Time to drop dead as a grand finale to your London Dungeon experience

After a couple of hours of scary shows, what better way to end it all than to be sentenced to hang by a militant judge. Taken from a courtroom you will be placed in a (totally safe) ride called 'Drop Dead' that will simulate the sensation of being dropped through the trapdoor of a hangman's gallows. There is no noose around your neck (it dangles above you) and you are totally welcome to skip this if you are of a nervous disposition, but we say go for a ride with the hangman. Make sure you pull your most frightened face as there are fast-motion cameras capturing your death face for posterity.... available at the gift shop unsurprisingly if you want to purchase a macabre memento of your day at the London Dungeon.

If you made it all the way to the gift shop then congratulations on surviving the ordeal. You lived to tell the tale and can recant the stories to friends and family once you travel home.