London is the UK's beautiful capital city and a place where stylish pop culture meets hundreds of years of history. Royal palaces, West End theatres and 000s of hotels & restaurants.

What you need to know about London

London is admittedly one of the more costly European capitals so be ready to spend, but you can still get value for money and an experience like no other.

Language: English is by a wide margin the most common language in London, with the occasional 'local twang' and cockney rhyming slang in the East of the city likely to confuse and entertain non-locals.

Currency: The British Pound, which is normally traded as one of the strongest currencies in the world.

Banking: ATMs are typical in pretty much every shopping road, with a few agency de change around the downtown area, with pretty much every retailer happy to charge your Mastercard or Visa. American Express cards can be a touch more 'hit and miss' as to where they are accepted.

Weather: The weather is by and large mellow, with temperatures only once in a while climbing very high or low, but in the Autumn and Winter it is never a bad idea to think about packing an umbrella just in case.

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Live the London life

London is hard to sum up as being famous for one thing. It is renowned for trailblazing pop culture, its theatre district, bars, restaurants, art galleries, historic sites and fashion houses. The historic city has built on hundreds of years of history and royal pageantry to create a vibrant contemporary metropolis on the banks of the River Thames. Visitors to London can indulge themselves in the boutiques and high-end shops of Regent Street, take in a play or musical in the world famous West End district or sample some of the best food and drink on the planet. All interspersed with trips to national galleries, museums and hidden gems that the sprawling city has to offer.

Spoilt for choice with LOTS to see

For fashionistas there is the a-list area of Chelsea to shop in, as well as the market areas in Camden and Notting Hill (Portobello). If your shopping budget isn't the biggest the markets are great to stroll around and find something less 'couture' but just as stylish. There are also the Oxford Street stores to shop 'til you drop in.

For culture vultures there are plays and musicals galore in the West End theatre district. London also boasts the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, Buckingham Palace and a huge array of historic sites to see, enjoy and maybe even take a selfie in.

For those who value the view you can climb The Shard, the tallest building in Europe, trek up Primrose Hill to see a view of the city or take an elegant ride on the London Eye to soak up all the sites of Westminster such as the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.


The Houses of Parliament and the iconic Big Ben clock tower on the banks of the River Thames in London

Getting around in London

London is comprised of a diverse group of boroughs and little communities, each offering a one of a kind view of the city! The ones to try to check out are:

Covent Garden: Covent Garden is a standout amongst the most well known regions of the city with the absolute best theatres and loads of great places to eat and shop. Neal Street is a particular shopping highlight for those who can never own enough shoes with a seemingly endless array of shops taking into account each type of footwear you can think of.

SoHo: A lively and energising piece of the city that is home to an astonishing scope of bars, jazz and blues bars and also the traditional core of London's gay scene. This is the place a large number of the trendy types in the city come to hang out and party.

Kensington & Chelsea: This district is home to a portion of London's most opulent shops and richest locals. It's likewise home to Notting Hill which has turned into a best in class, stylish neighbourhood and a fantastic place to stop for lunch at one of the many lovely cafes.

Camden: Famous for being the area of London that goes against the grain and where radicals and punks tread the boulevards together. It is home to an exuberant blend of music, markets, diners, tattoo parlours and more.

The City of London: The City is in reality just about a square mile in size, and is home to London's greatest high rises and money related locale.

Westminster: The focal point of London tourism, incorporating the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Guests can see the British Government in real life action by visiting the Strangers' Gallery at the House of Commons when Parliament is in session.

Shoreditch: Known as the creative centre of London's trendy East End. Come here for incredible nourishment, nightlife, arts, crafts and interesting pop-up shops.

Take a look at the best hotels in London and plan what amazing sights there are to see near to where you are going to be saying.

Transport Links

Getting to London is simple via the well connected Heathrow airport which remains one of the world’s busiest airports. Alternatively Gatwick, Stansted or Luton mean  you’re spoiled for choice. Each option is just a small train ride to the very heart of the city and its unparalleled attractions.

Once you are in the city you can dot about easily on the Underground, known locally as "The Tube". The Underground will ensure you're only ever a few minutes away from whatever restaurant, bar or attraction is next on your list.

The Tube is incredible and fun to experience, yet many times it can be quicker to walk between stops. There's a handy guide to distances between tube stations that will enable you to choose whether it merits getting the train or worth a walk through London streets instead.

There are thousands of hotels and places to stay in London, and you can view them all to get the best deal via any of our handy search tools. Whatever your travel budget, begin your search, book your trip now and start to live the London life!


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