United Kingdom

There are few countries that have shaped the world more than the UK with its key role on the world stage throughout history. A melting pot of culture and amazing attractions is waiting to be explored!

What you need to know about the United Kingdom

Language: English is the national language throughout the UK although some parts of its component countries do speak a local language such as parts of Wales for example.

Currency: British Pound

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: The stereotypes are true! even though it does get lovely and sunny in the summertime it is a country where it rains quite a lot. Outside of the summer season you're going to probably end up holding an umbrella at some point.


A lovely countryside castle or manor house is the ultimate view of the UK.

The United Kingdom, or UK for short, is made up of multiple constituent countries and is home to some of the most famous tourist attractions and cities to travel to in the world.

England: the largest of the countries in the uk and where the overall seat of power can be found in London’s Houses of Parliament.

Scotland: The most northern of the countries where the weather is somewhat colder and the landscapes are stunning and natural.

Wales: located to the west of England, the welsh territory is a fine mix of natural beauty, passionate locals and lovely places to stay and see.

Northern Ireland: the only part of the UK that shares a land border with another country, the most northern part of the island of Ireland remains aligned with the British monarch while its southern neighbours in the Republic of Ireland are a fully autonomous country. After many years of political upheaval the people of Northern Ireland live in relative peace and are very welcoming to tourists.

Travel destinations in the UK

London: the capital city of England and one of the most welcoming and cosmopolitan cities in the world chocked full of amazing attractions.

Manchester: northern and fun, Manchester offers a slightly smaller but no less vibrant place to visit compared to London. The surrounding rural areas also make for good exploring.

Edinburgh: the capital of Scotland. Marvel at hundreds of years of Scottish history while you check out gems such as Edinburgh Castle and the National Gallery of Scotland.


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