Berlin Cathedral



Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral can be found on Museum Island in Berlin and is a main attraction and highlight of the area. At over 200 years old it's a stunning building!

What you need to know about Berlin Cathedral

City: Berlin, Germany.

Transport links: Hackescher Markt (S-Bahn) is 10-15 minutes walk from Museum Island. Alternatively the M1 and M12 trams stop at nearby Kupfergraben, less than 5 minutes walk away.

Nearby attractions: Berlin Television Tower

Access: Entry to the cathedral will cost you around €7. There are guided tour options or you can grab one of the audio guides that are available to rent.

If you speak German then there are also regular church services that are carried out that are naturally free of charge to join the congregation of, but there is no option in English as an FYI.

Fact: At almost 100 metres tall, the cathedral was once a huge building locally but now is only the 17th tallest building in Berlin. Its scale and size is impressive still when you visit it especially when you consider that it was built in the 18th century.

See it all at Berlin Cathedral but make sure you get to the roof

The cathedral is great to see and walk around, regardless of taking part in a church service or not, but a part of the building you have to visit is the roof and its walkway that gives you a panoramic view of all of the nearby attractions like the the rest of Museum Island and the Reichstag that is slightly further away.

There are 270 steps to climb but it is really well worth it.

Be aware that when you do travel upwards that the last section is actually really quite narrow - some people actually call it the "cat walk" given its relative narrowness but ascending the rest of the way should be no problem for any able-bodied person!


Berlin Cathedral is unquestionably the most beautiful building in the city.

Marvel at the wonderful interior features

The dome and its marvellous design is a huge attraction of course. It looks amazing and its sheer scale above your head is sensational.

Aside from that there are other more subtle bits and pieces to check out such as the cathedral's raised pulpit that is impressively carved, the huge organ (including its 7,000 pipes!) and the focal point of a brilliant gold altar.

There is also a crypt below the cathedral that is home to close to 100 coffins that date back as far as the 17th century including those of the Prussian Kings – Friedrich I and Sophie Charlotte, by Andreas Schlüter, impressively cast in gold-plated tin and lead.

The building has oodles of history and has stood in Berlin for centuries so when you visit it you are definitely going to have loads to see.


Remember to look up when inside Berlin Cathedral to see the amazing interior of its famous dome.

Berlin's largest church and one of its top attractions

The cathedral is a huge draw for tourists and those who travel to Berlin. With traditional church services happening every week, centuries of history and special events that take place in the Museum Island area generally there is no surprise that you're going to be sharing your time there with a few other tourists.

The area is big and the outside space accommodates a lot of people so you won't feel too crowded in as you stroll throughout Museum Island.

The Globedge recommendation is to have visit the cathedral nearer the end of the afternoon so that you also potentially see the area's buildings at night when you are leaving. It is quite lovely seeing historic buildings under cover of darkness or dusk.


The annual light art festivities in Berlin include displays on the cathedral and its beautiful exterior.