Take a trip to Germany and savour every moment of this warm, welcoming country in the heart of Europe. Travel deals, hotel options and epic times await!

What you need to know about Germany

Language: German is the national language but in the cities you will find English is well spoken in hotels, restaurants and throughout the service industry. Younger germans tend to be more bi-lingual.

Currency: Euro

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: Germany has a warm summer and pretty cold winter climate. There are no crazy extremes so just pack and dress sensibly for the season during which you intend to travel to Germany.


The iconic Reichstag parliament building in Berlin.

Visit for history, culture, epic food and good times!

Germany has a storied and much-discussed recent history that draws many people to travel there. Walking around major cities like Berlin does indeed allow you to wander through some serious sites from World War II and the Cold War period.

There are amazingly quaint places like Potsdam and Bavaria's Rothenburg ob der Tauber to lose yourself in and there are lots of brilliant cultural highlights throughout the country.

A country for all occasions

Want to travel to see rolling hills? Germany has that in spades. Feeling like more modernity? Big cities like Hamburg and Munich can provide urban experiences and lovely locals. Berlin does offer more history than pretty much any other city in Europe. Whatever you are in the mood for when planning a European holiday it is safe to say that Germany has you covered!

Travel destinations in Germany

Berlin: The capital of Germany and a city steeped in rich culture. Explore the most historically-rich city in Europe and the site of some of the most iconic moments of the 20th century.

Munich: A vibrant, lovely city with rich culture and lots of fun attractions.... plus the amazing Oktoberfest festival each year.


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When to visit Germany

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