Scott Monument



Scott Monument

The famous Scottish author Sir Walter Scott is celebrated with a huge victorian gothic monument in Edinburgh. The Scott Monument is definitely worth seeing.

What you need to know about Scott Monument

City: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Nearby attractions: Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh Castle.

Access: The cost of an entry ticket to climb Scott Monument is £5 for adults and children.

Fact: At 60 metres in height this 'gothic rocket' standing in the centre of Edinburgh is the tallest monument honouring a writer in the world.

Why the Scott Monument exists

In 1832 one of Scotland's favourite sons and literary masters, Sir Walter Scott, passed away. This prompted discussions about how the great author could be commemorated and resulted in the plan to build the monument that now stands in East Princes Street Gardens.

Standing a whopping 60 metres high it is a famous fixture of the Edinburgh skyline and an imposing monument when up close to it.

Climb up to learn more as you ascend

The full story and history is best learned in the Museum Room on the first floor. It is also where you can view four immense stained-glass windows that are worth the trek upwards alone. In all honesty you'll be potentially pleased to be able to pause when climbing up to the very top of the monument given that the walls get closer as you climb further past this first floor respite and the stairs become smaller and harder to walk up (Globedge clarification: you will be able to climb to the top if you are healthy and take your time to make absolutely sure that you avoid any slips or trips). It is worth the time spent climbing up to the top and a badge of achievement on from your visit to Edinburgh.

If you do not feel like making the climb then you can spend time instead viewing the carving of Sir Walter Scott himself at the monument's base.

Overall it is an impressive tribute to an immensely talented Scottish literary figure, and will not take long to visit. It is also near to other attractions in Edinburgh so you can fit it in when seeing other sights and sounds during your travel around the Scottish capital city.


The 'Gothic Rocket' of Scott Monument stands 60 metres high in the centre of Edinburgh.