Scottish National Gallery



Scottish National Gallery

View works of art from both Scottish and international artists at the Scottish National Gallery. Near Edinburgh Castle, this gallery is not to be missed.

What you need to know about the Scottish National Gallery

City: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Nearby attractions: Scott Monument, Edinburgh Castle.

Access: It is completely free entry for all visitors. Some temporary exhibitions are subject to an entry charge but the main collection and gallery is free.

Fact: Over 1.6 million people visit every year making it one of the most visited galleries in Europe, and consistently in the top 30 visited galleries in the world.

Standing for over 150 years in the centre of Edinburgh

The collecting of fine works of art began in 1819 resulting in the opening of the Royal Institution on the Mound, which is the site of the current Scottish National Gallery today.

The building and the official organisation has gone through a number of changes and rebrands over the years but in 2012 the building was renamed the Scottish National Gallery which should stay as its moniker for the foreseeable future.

With the name and status seemingly settled, we can now focus on the delights that are housed within.

You will not only find the expected collection of paintings from European masters but also sculptures, print publications and examples of some unique pieces of art from around the world. The collection is certainly eclectic and wide-ranging in its appeal. You'll very likely find something that captivates or catches your eye while you wander around the exhibits.

Some of the temporary exhibitions feature excellent visiting works of art that showcase pieces on loan to the Gallery, often as part of a tour that the exhibition is carrying out. Check the listings to see if there is anything of interest for when you plan to travel to Edinburgh.


The neoclassical architecture of the Scottish National Gallery.

The Scottish National Gallery contains so much art

The whole collection features over one thousand artists from around the world. You will of course find pieces from some of Scotland's finest artists such as Nasmyth and Raeburn. There are also many paintings from overseas by the likes of Van Dyck, Rubens, Titian, as well as a 'Three Graces' sculpture by Canova that is jointly owned by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The Globedge favourite is found on the main floor of the gallery. This is where you will find a select few canvases that are enormous, striking and impressive. Our absolute fave is 'Alexander III of Scotland Rescued from the Fury of a Stag' which is a huge painting by Benjamin West. It is beautifully detailed and stands out amongst the rest of the collection.


Wander through fantastic works of art from world-renowned artists.