An emergent, warm and welcoming country with brilliant history and attractions to take in. Visit Ukraine today and see a lovely part of Eastern Europe!

What you need to know about Ukraine

Language: The local language is Ukrainian. Many locals will understand Russian and there is an increasing ability to speak English, especially amongst younger locals and in the service industry.

Currency: The currency is the Ukrainian Hryvnia or UAH for short.

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: The weather is similar to Russia and other nearby countries that experience a nice summer climate that is pleasant and warm, and a pretty fierce winter.


The city of Lviv is a great destination for visitors wanting to see more of Ukraine than just Kiev.

An emerging tourist destination to visit

The Eastern European state is striving for a bright future and when you visit Ukraine you will indeed find a changing landscape, modern buildings, excellent attractions and some great hotels for a very reasonable price.

Kiev churches are spectacular

The capital city Kiev has some unbelievable churches and cathedrals like Saint Sophia and Andriyivski Uzviz. The architecture and size of these holy buildings is highly impressive indeed. There are also excellent museums where you can learn about the history of Ukraine.

Check out the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War which is very comprehensive and highly informative. The State Aviation Museum is also a cool place to visit and has a fine array of soviet planes and helicopters to see the evolution of flight throughout the last century.

Pripyat and Chernobyl are eerie and utterly unique

An ever-increasing place of interest for travellers to Ukraine is the abandoned city of Pripyat. It is more famously referred to as ‘Chernobyl’ named after the nuclear plant that was the site of a disaster in 1986. Although much of the area was doused in radiation levels so high that it can not be returned to for an unfathomably long time, there are parts of the city and even the nuclear plant itself that can be visited. You are in no way allowed to interact with parts of the area but you can walk up to the monument dedicated to the brave souls who sacrificed themselves to combat the disaster.

The nearby reactor, long since sealed off in a protective ‘cocoon’ of sorts, can be seen also as well as other famous parts of the city like the Ferris wheel, swimming pool and various public buildings. There are tours of the area that will take you from and back to your hotel if you are staying in Kiev so getting there is easy; the ride takes a good couple of hours but most tours have nice, new vehicles with WiFi, knowledgable guides and comfortable seating.

Travel destinations in Ukraine

Kiev: The beautiful capital city of Ukraine with lovely locals, excellent restaurants and brilliant attractions. It is also the place where you travel from to visit Pripyat and the Chernobyl nuclear plant.


Best Hotels in Ukraine

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