Travel to Uganda and see the beautiful, natural wild lands of one of Africa's most lush and biodiverse countries. Incredible experiences await!

What you need to know about Uganda

Language: The local languages of Uganda are English and Swahili. Any local who has attended school or works in modern industries will speak English.

Currency: The currency is the Ugandan Shilling or UGX for short.

Banking: Banking is growing in the country and you will find restaurants and shops in the larger cities will accept cards. There are ATMs but not as commonplace as in a western city such as London. You should inform your bank that you are travelling to Uganda and also have physical local currency to ensure your travels are smooth.

Weather: The weather can get pretty hot in the summer! Expect to pack sunscreen as well as mosquito repellent to be protected against the annoying bugs that carry malaria around sub-Saharan Africa.


Uganda offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to trek into the hills and see mountain gorillas.

A chaotic capital city

At first glance the capital city Kampala is insane. There are so many people, so many motorbikes, busses and cars that it is difficult to know where to go or what to do. You can meet some very friendly locals in the main city along with some lovely luxury hotels but if you are travelling for pleasure then you’re more likely to be spending time in the rural parts of the country to see some simply stunning nature which is the main draw for tourists visiting the country.

The National Parks in Uganda are incedible

Bwindi Inpenetrable National Park is lush mountainous land found in the southwest of Uganda. This is where you will come across (with a well trained guide!) the wild mountain gorillas that make the National Park lands their home. To keep disturbance of the endangered creatures to a minimum and to protect the habitat itself there are restrictions on the number of permits permitted to go into the Park and see them up close. It is an unbelievable experience to be so close to a group of giant gorillas and you will need to at all times be calm, quiet and alert but it is guaranteed that when you return from your encounter you will be utterly amazed at what you just experienced. Mountain gorillas are only now found in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and, most famously, nearby Rwanda. Local tours can be arranged to view the gorillas in Uganda and it is a definite ‘top of list’ item for your African travel itinerary.

Safeguarded National Parks are strewn about the country with Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and Kibale National Park bursting at the seams with opportunities to see local wildlife. It is possible to see elephants and lions in QE National Park, placid zebras in Mburo, and even chimpanzees in Kibale! Uganda is home to such a rich and diverse wildlife that any guided tour (you 100% do not go looking for it yourself....) will leave you full of epic memories and some pretty amazing photos if you bring your camera.


Take a boat trip in Murchison National Park and see the nearby waterfall.

Set in a National Park that carries the same name, Murchison Falls is a famous waterfall that is actually part of the Great Nile River that snakes through much of Africa. The surrounding land is again chocked full of wildlife and indigenous birds so you can visit to see the Murchison Falls itself and then stick around in the area to see some of the creatures that call the National Park home. For those looking for a bit more action the suggestion would be Sipi Falls in the east of the country near the border with Kenya where you can abseil and then get your hiking boots on to climb up The extinct volcano Mount Elgon.

A chance to support African conservation work

As with much of the wildlife in Africa, rhinos are protected and seriously endangered due to stupid people wanting to own their horns for decorative purposes or, worse still, for use in medicines that do not work. A rhino’s horn is made up of the same thing that your hair is made from after all. You can still see there horny beasts in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where they are provided safe haven in a private environment playing host to over two dozen rhinos! By paying to visit Ziwa you are supporting this non-profit organisation who carry out brilliant conservation work in Uganda.

Placid lakes and rolling valleys

A visit to Lake Mutanda is highly recommended for a collection of inland islands and amazing views if you take the foothills trails upwards. It is found in the Kisoro district of Uganda and worth checking out if you plan on being in the west of the country.

Travel destinations in Uganda

Kampala: A wild capital city accessed most easily from Entebbe Airport that is around 45 mins drive away. Expect a loud, chaotic city that is more geared to local life than tourism. There are some excellent restaurants and lovely hotels that cater for travellers who want to experience real urban life in Uganda.


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