Barcelona is the focal point of fun Spanish culture. Amazing attractions, outstanding food and friendly locals waiting to say hola!

What you need to know about Barcelona

Language: Spanish is the national language so you will ideally learn the usual handful of phrases to help you get by, but in Barcelona you will find English is wildly spoken by local people.

Currency: Spain uses the Euro (€) as their currency, which is normally traded as one of the stronger currencies in the world.

Banking: ATMs are typical in shops, super markets and on most streets. All major bank cards are accepted by retailers generally.

Weather: The weather is great - In the summer Barcelona is one of the funner destinations in Europe with sun shining and temperatures soaring.

Timeless buildings that amaze

Barcelona's design treasures range from all throughout the last 2000 years. Imposing temple structures, antiquated city walls and underground ancient sections allow you a window into Roman-period area of Barcino.

A century later in the Middle Ages is easily jumped to by going for a walk through the shadowy paths of the Gothic quarter, past quaint town squares and 500 year old churches.

In different parts of town shoot up incredible Modernisme architecture, epitomised by Gaudí and his Catalan design peers. Barcelona has always inspired some of the most famous artists in the world, including Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, both of whom have Barcelona exhibition halls dedicated to their body of work.


Some of the architecture in Barcelona is stunning and unique.

Feast your eyes on food to die for

Local gastronomy kings – Albert Adrià, Carles Abellan and co. – make up just part of an esteemed tradition of sensationally talented chefs specialising in Catalan cooking.

Straightforward and flavourful – fish, jamón and many more local staples are morphed into noteworthy dishes and served in enthralling, inviting settings.

Gorge yourself on rich paella at an open air table by the ocean or venture back to the 1920s at an exquisite antiquated lounge area. Barcelona's far reaching sense of taste includes further unpredictability: Basque-style tapas bars, Galician fish bars, even the obligatory Irish bar and tempting chocolate shops are fundamental parts of the local culinary scene.

Bake under the Barcelona sun and enjoy the elements

The dark blue Mediterranean calls. Sun-soaked shorelines make a fine background if you feel like a run, bicycle ride or long relaxed walk... or maybe be adventurous and dive into the waters for an invigorating plunge.

You can likewise appreciate the view from out on the water while kayaking or paddle boarding. At one side of the city, the wooded slopes of the Collserola give a beautiful setting for climbing, mountain biking or simply drinking in the view of the city.

Closer to the downtown area, peak Montjuïc offers perpetual opportunities to explore and discover in the midst of gardens full of botanic wonders, an old manor and top notch views every step of the way.

Twenty-four-hour Party People

The night holds boundless potential in Barcelona. Begin with dusk drinks in a lounge with 360 degree views or get down to business the sand at a chiringuito by the beach.

As night descends, the soul of the city shines through as the passion of live music changes the city; the quick fire rhythms of flamenco and bold jazz spilling out of storm cellars to invite you in with the promise of a place to let loose and feel Barcelona to your core.

Towards midnight there is no let up with bars continue to fill up and grow wild. Take your pick from old fashioned bars enhanced with nineteenth century paintings, rich parlors in dimly lit medieval chambers or tumultuous cava bars that have their own unique story to tell to those tho visit. If you can make it through to 3am, hit a local club and investigate Barcelona's shameless wild side to the max. Travel has probably never been this fun!