As the capital city of Russia, in Moscow there is a fantastic blend of Soviet-era history, ancient monuments and modern attractions, hotels and restaurants.

What you need to know about Moscow

Language: Russian is the language used locally but you will find English spoken in service industries and by many locals, especially the younger generation. You will find Moscow is a little less multi-lingual than St Petersburg but you will have no problem getting around. Just do some planning before you travel so that you have a basic idea of your surroundings and where your hotel is to make things as easy as possible.

Currency: The Russian Ruble.

Banking: ATMs are found all over the city, with all normal credit and debit cards being accepted by retailers, restaurants and points of sale.

Weather: The weather is nice in summer and potentially brutally cold in winter so depending on when you travel there, pack appropriately!

When you think of Moscow you immediately think of St Basil's Cathedral

It is the most famous building in Russia and the world renowned symbol of Moscow. We of course are referring to the stunning, timeless St Basil's Cathedral.

Visiting the cathedral is a great stop on a day of seeing the biggest sights in the city given its proximity to The Kremlin and Red Square. Entry will cost you around 500 rubles (so about £6 or €8 or $8) which is a steal to get access to one of the truly globally iconic attractions.

The unique architecture of its exterior makes it one of the most unique places of worship you're likely to see anywhere in the world, and the interior is also spectacularly impressive. Inside there are nine small chapels and the belfry, all of which can be visited.

The entire building has been classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1990.


The iconic St Basil's Cathedral and Spasskaya Tower are world famous symbols of Moscow.

The Kremlin is worth spending the hours it takes to see it all

Visiting the seat of Russia's power is beyond appealing and is a must for any traveller.

The Kremlin complex is absolutely massive - many foreigners mistake St Basil's Cathedral or Red Square as being the Kremlin, but the actual fortified palaces and buildings encompass a whole different, albeit nearby, attraction.

Standing on the banks of the Moskva River, the Kremlin has massive appeal - it is the number one tourist destination in the city. The history that is evident and the stories surrounding the place are mind boggling. From its use as a Tsarist palace, its time as the seat of European imperial throne of power and the current site of President Vladimir Putin's headquarters there is so much to learn, digest, see, photograph and experience when visiting the Kremlin that it would be a crime to miss it.

There are palace buildings, cathedrals, tsarist jewel collections, grand bell towers and more. You are 100% guaranteed to be impressed and think that it is time well spent on your trip to Moscow.


The Kremlin at night as seen from the Moskva River.

After the old there is plenty of new to see too

There is way more to Moscow than just iconic, old buildings. As well as spending time seeing the historic sights to see, you for sure need to spare some time to check out the newer side of the city.

You can see some random places like the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, submerge yourself in the Moscow Oceanarium or even see a match at the Luzhniki Stadium if the national football team have a fixture while you are there.

There are also brilliant attractions like the Moscow Planetarium if cosmology is your sort of thing, and the fab Panorama360 viewing deck at the top of the Federation Tower found in the middle of downtown Moscow where the views are amazing!

To top it off there are more museums than you can shake a stick covering topics as wide ranging as beer brewing, Russian Impressionism and the wacky Museum of Human Living Systems. Moscow has so many flavours of days out that you will be really pleasantly surprised with this side of the Russian capital.


Make sure you spend some time looking past the iconic old side of Moscow so that you see some of the newer sights there are to see.