Temple Bar



Temple Bar

Immerse yourself in the epicentre of Dublin's social scene and grab a pint in Temple Bar. Filled with funky shops and loads to eat and drink you'll love it! 

What you need to know about Temple Bar

City: Dublin, United Kingdom

Access: The Temple Bar quarter itself is totally free to enter and walk through. If you want to stop for something to eat or drink (you do.... that's the whole point of this place), or to buy something from the shops the that'll naturally come with a cost.

Fact: The actual pub called Temple Bar in the area is incredibly popular and carries a huge range of Irish spirits to sip on. The whole area is now administered by a non-profit organisation set up by the government to manage the ongoing development of the area.

Find a bar, try a bar and enjoy!

The area is buzzing, busy and sure to show you a good time as part of your travel to Dublin. There are so many bars that you're completely spoilt for choice. The drinks within are fairly similar with Guinness and whiskey being the local staples if you want to order something 'full Irish' but there are other drinks on offer if you're less keen to embrace the emerald isle's favourite tipples.

The area can be rowdy but usually the atmosphere is fun as opposed to aggressive. Go during the day or late afternoon if you have any concerns about things being a little too full-on for your liking.

It is a seriously fun place to spend a couple of hours so go have a nice time, if indeed not a long time, in Temple Bar and toast a successful stopover on your Dublin holiday.


The buzzing streets in Temple Bar quarter will have you in the mood for a guinness in no time.

St. Patrick's Day is when Temple Bar turns into the Irish equivalent of Mecca

It is a sight to behold when the streets, bars and every bit of space that you can cram a person into is completely full of friendly folk sporting Irish hats, leprechaun outfits, inflatable Guinness pints all being swept up in a human river of green.

The patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, has become globally synonymous with hedonism and drinking in a way that Dubliners do best.

You'll of course find "Paddy's Day" celebrations around the world there is nowhere better to celebrate the occasion than Dublin's own Temple Bar quarter.

Revellers from all over will descend on the Irish capital to have the 'goodest' (ok that's not a word....) of good times. Up for the craic? Why not join them and schedule your trip to coincide with the festivities. A Globedge confession is that we bloody loved it!


The epic gathering of the Irish (and just the fun-seeking from elsewhere) during St. Patrick's Day.