Jameson Distillery



Jameson Distillery

Visit the world famous Jameson Distillery to toast your travel companions with a clink of a glass and the Irish Gaelic salutation sláinte!

What you need to know about the Jameson Distillery

City: Dublin, United Kingdom

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Access: Entry to the distillery will cost you €22 per person. This includes a 40 minute guided tour of the facility, a whiskey tasting session and complimentary drinks at JJ's Bar inside.

Fact: Jameson Whiskey is by a country mile the most popular Irish whiskey in the world with over 31 millions bottles being sold every single year. Jameson accounts for 70% of all the Irish Whiskey sold in the USA!

Get set for a real taste of Ireland

Think of something Irish. Ok you've already thought of half a dozen quickly no doubt. One of those things will undoubtedly have been Whiskey.

The quintessential Irish Whiskey is found at the Jameson Distillery.

Whatever you do during your holiday in the city you simply have to make sure you have time to travel to the famous Jameson site and join a super-interesting tour around the facilities that have created the best Irish Whiskey since 1780!

You'll learn all about the process involved in making whiskey, the history of the Jameson brand and the family behind the original company, and of course get to sample the product yourself with complimentary drinks and whiskey tasting included in the price of entry.


A barrel of aged Irish Whiskey at the Jameson Distillery.

Learn by tasting as part of your tour

There are many grades of whiskey and as part of your tour you will be able to not only learn about the processes of how they develop each grade, but you will also be able to taste and compare each of them.

It is a really informative tour for both whiskey fans and those who are less into the hard stuff.

There are tricks to make whiskey more palatable for those who might struggle with the neat taste, with water drops added to dilute things slightly or tempering the drink with additional flavours like ginger.

The Jameson Distillery it is safe to say is a great experience and a definite must-see for everyone who decides to travel to Dublin. The staff are friendly & proud ambassadors for their brand, the atmosphere is fun and, thankfully given how much we like whiskey at Globedge, the drinks taste great!