Guinness Storehouse



Guinness Storehouse

Visit the Guiness Storehouse and have the freshest pint of Guinness of your life at the number one attraction in both Dublin and the whole of Ireland. 

What you need to know about the Guinness Storehouse

City: Dublin, United Kingdom

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Access: Entry to the Storehouse will set you back €18.50 and that includes a complimentary pint of Guinness with all adult tickets. Children (between 13-17) can be accompanied by adults and their ticket will cost €13.

Fact: Over three million bottles of Guinness are produced every single day on the much-loved Dublin site.

A historic site at the heart of Dublin for centuries (and plans to stay put)

The Guinness Storehouse is found at the middle of the St James's Gate Brewery that has produced Guinness since 1759. The Storehouse itself has been in place since 1904 so the whole site has real heritage and history in the local community, as well as being a huge tourist attraction in modern times for those who travel to the Irish capital city.

The company certainly appeared confident about their success and longevity when things were being set up, so much so that Arthur Guinness signed an incredible 9,000 year lease.


The iconic black gates of Dublin's famous Guinness Storehouse.

Learn what gives Guinness its distinctive colour, taste and more

By visiting the Guinness Storehouse you will be able to stroll through seven-stories of all things Guinness.

Learn the process involved in making the drink. Find out what gives a pint its iconic dark colour (it is actually very, very, very dark red as opposed to black as an FYI) and see the scale of the whole operation that helps provide the world's most famous stout to pubs and bars around the globe.

You will also visit the Tasting Rooms (unsurprisingly popular....) where you will experience a multi-sensory tasting session where the distinctive taste is broken down and explained. You'll never look at Guinness the same way again once you know 'most' of the secrets behind it.

The Guinness Academy is where you put on your bartender hat and learn to pour the perfect pint with its iconic thick white head. No pressure but EVERYONE is watching you pouring!

If you stop on level 5 then you can tuck into Irish-style food which is worth a sample. The advertising exhibition showing how Guinness has been marketed over the years is a particular Globedge favourite also.

A visit to the Guinness Storehouse is a brilliant fun couple of hours and one not to be missed on your trip to Dublin.