Get ready to enjoy a time like no other in Dublin. A place for parties and good times, with a bit of history and nature sprinkled on top.

What you need to know about Dublin

Language: English is the national language.

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Banking: All major bank cards are accepted by retailers in Dublin.

Weather: Warm in summer without being uncomfortably hot. Very cold and wet in the wintertime. Rains a lot when the weather isn't sunny. Any Dublin travel guide should advise to pack a rain coat just in case!

A city with a story to tell

Dublin has been a top travel destination for centuries, although more so in recent times of course. When you consider that hints of its Viking past have been to a great extent washed away by the modernisation of Dublin, the city remains a living exhibition of its history and heritage with medieval strongholds and church buildings (one Church turned into an awesome pub - more on that later!) in plain view bookended by the industrial, engineering buildings, There are many architectural examples of its eighteenth and nineteenth century heyday, when Dublin was one of the more vibrant cities in the British Empire, and its proximity to London helped with historic travel from the Empire's main city. The story of the Ireland's tumultuous relationship with the British is also available to learn more about in museums exhibitions in the city centre.


Famous landmark bridge that spans the river in Dublin.

Put your best foot (and smile) forward

Dubliners will concede theirs isn't the prettiest city, however will advise you that pretty things are as simple to like as they are to overlook… and the locals more than make up for it by having a jolly good time and being one of the friendliest places you're likely to travel to. Greet locals with a smile and good vibes, and you'll receive be warm, welcoming and live up to the reputation of the 'best city on the planet to have a good time in'. It is a no frills city that you'll take to your heart and love every minute of.

A pub on every corner

You might have heard the rumour.... Dublin likes to drink! There are over 300 pubs in the city and the famous Temple Bar area is full of friendly, rowdy, fun places to grab a pint of Guinness, a dram of whiskey or any other tipple that takes your fancy. Toast the day, the night or the locals, sit back and enjoy some traditional Irish music (there will 100% be somewhere playing fiddles) to get a feel for the Irish way to have a good time.


The countryside that surrounds the main Dublin city is lovely and quaint.

Explore the countryside around Dublin

To contrast the hustle and bustle of Dublin's cobbled streets, take a trip outside of the main city and see Ireland's beautiful scenery. There are green hills, hiking routes, places such as Wicklow to explore and day trip excursions available to historic castles atop rolling hills. There is even a lake (Lough Tay) that looks like a pint of Guinness (dark water with a white shoreline at the top) that is an exceptional photography stop in the Wicklow mountains; that mountainous area being stunning in of itself. Pack your walking boots when you travel to Dublin and see the natural side of Ireland as well.