Norway has a wide range of exciting destinations and attractions to explore. Big cities, vibrant nature and staggering Aurora all await you!

What you need to know about Norway

Language: Norwegian is the language spoken in Norway. English is pretty widely understood, especially in the big cities and ski resorts.

Currency: The currency is the Norwegian Krona or ‘NOK’ for short.

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: The country has lovely temperate summers that are great to experience in a cabin by the side of a lake or fjord. In winter it is fair to stay that Norway is REALLY cold when minus temperatures and snow are pretty much guaranteed for a few months of the year.


Explore some amazing natural scenery in the rural parts of Norway.

There is 'Nor....way' you’ll regret visiting

A vibrant, passionate, fun loving country in the Nordics that is begging to be explored. Outdoorsy types will adore the mountains, rivers, fjords and valleys that can be scaled and trailed while enjoying some of Europe’s most amazing natural attractions.

Truly unique natural attractions

There are plenty of fjords but no more impressive than the largest in Norway, the amazing Sognefjord is really lovely if you explore it by boat. You can easily jump aboard a fjord cruise and do some sightseeing from the comfort of the water. Sognefjord has numerous cliffs that border it, the highest peak being over 1,300 metres which from the water is a pretty awe inspiring sight.

If you’re an active traveller then a trip to Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, is a must. With Stavenger found nearby you can reach this amazing flat rock by taking a ferry and bus to the starting point of a two hour hike up to the impressive natural platform that overhangs the Lysefjord water at a height of over 600 metres in the air.

Stand in the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway

Stand in the Arctic Circle by taking a trip up to the north of Norway and stay in Tromso. Because of its location it makes a tremendous place to visit to see the Northern Lights. There are several great tours that go out hunting the magical Aurora Borealis each night from the comfort of a warm, cosy vehicle. Aurora season is generally between October and March when the conditions are optimal to see the lights across the night sky. Regardless of whether or not you see the lights Tromso has a lovely harbour and hills, friendly locals and the most Northern brewery in the world to have a drink at. Something different to add to a trip to Tromso is the Tromso Arctic-Alpine Botanic Gardens that house a wide range of poppies and plants that you might not expect to find in an arctic environment.

An epic Lofoten archipelago to explore

Northwest Norway is where you will find the Lofoten Islands that are a fantastic collection of islands that are much more placid weather-wise because of the Gulf Stream adjusting its climate to something way more temperate. There are a great array of outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking throughout the archipelago, as well as lovely little towns and small villages to check out. Because of its lack of light pollution compared it is also possible to see Aurora from the Lofoten Islands. There are a few museums and exhibitions that showcase the history of the islands, its fishing heritage and a war museum housing collections dedicated to World War II. Overall the Lofoten Islands are a quality option for a Norway holiday.

The capital city is cool and vibrant

The capital city Oslo is much more urban and cosmopolitan compared to the northern parts of Norway. The city has an excellent marina around which you will find great bars and restaurants with nightlife that goes on into the early hours of the morning. You’ll also be able to warm up in the winter by jumping into one of the ever expanding cafes that make up the coffee scene in downtown Oslo. Lovely, homely and snug settings await! You can take a quick trip to the nearby ski jump and take a cable car right to the very top of it to not only experience the insane height that ski jumpers jump from (and stand on the podium used by competition winners) but also see a stunning view from the top of the area surrounding Oslo if the weather is clear.

Combining a rural, outdoors part of Norway with a trip to Oslo gives a great contrasting travel itinerary and absolutely one to be considered when planning your Scandinavian adventure!

Travel destinations in Norway

Tromso: The most Northern major destination in Norway and where you will have an amazing chance to see the Northern Lights from way up high in the Arctic Circle.


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