The biggest and most passionate country in West Africa awaits your arrival with open arms. Nigeria has plenty of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered!

What you need to know about Nigeria

Language: The National language of Nigeria is English. There are many tribal languages that locals will also speak depending on the area they come from but if you speak English then you will be fine.

Currency: Nigerian Naira.

Banking: All good hotels will have ATM or money exchange services and you will also find them in shopping centres and built up areas. The local economy in Africa is not as card-centric as elsewhere in the world so definitely carry some Naira with you in case you can’t use your card anywhere. You should be ok generally with your card in big city retailers though.

Weather: To sum up succinctly, it is hot. Like really hot in the summer months. You will absolutely need to consider appropriate sunscreen and vaccinations for Nigeria before you arrive. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for all who arrive for example.

Things to note: The north-east of the country is not somewhere you should visit as it is much less developed and the region is more prone to criminal activity and violence. It is a really big country so sticking to the main cities and official tours will mean you stay far, far away from the troubled area.


Hit a beach in Lagos with some friendly locals as the sun sets.

A big country with a big heart

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with over 200 million people living there. Because of this the main cities are big, bustling. Lagos traffic certainly will make you appreciate driving on open roads elsewhere! You can have a great time in one of the large hotels in the big cities where you can kick back by the pool, chill out at the bar or make use of the spa facilities that are commonplace at the finer establishments available. Using those as a base to begin an expedition or tour to see some of the sights and attractions outside of the cities is a smart way to see the best things to do in Nigeria.

Chief among those excursions are the main highlights that are easily reached from Lagos including the Lekki Conservation Centre and some natural beauty at Tarkwa Bay Beach.

No matter what you end up doing you will absolutely feel welcomed by the locals who are very friendly.

Historic and important sites that are preserved and protected

There are UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Osun-Osogbo which is a sacred forest and in Osun State. It is delightfully undisturbed by the rampant development and urbanisation that has taken place elsewhere in the country and can be found on the banks of the Osun river in southwest Nigeria.

A rocking view from the capital city

One of the most striking natural attractions in all of West Africa is Zuma Rock that rises high into the sky and looms large over the capital city of Abuja. It is a particularly spectacular sight as the natural weathering of the rock over the years has left what looks like a giant human face cut into the rock itself. You can not fail to spot Zuma Rock if you are in Abuja but it becomes no less remarkable if viewed on a daily basis.

Travel destinations in Nigeria

Lagos: the biggest and most vibrant city in Nigeria. Consider it your springboard to see loads of natural wonders and interesting, friendly locals.

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