The Netherlands is a country full of colour, fun and passionate locals. Innovative and cooky, the locals are friendly and the attractions are cool!

What you need to know about The Netherlands

Language: Dutch is the national language but English is wildly spoken in many cities.

Currency: Euro

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: The weather is hot but not too hot in the summer, easily over 20 degrees most days. Winter can be pretty wet as well as obviously colder.


Amsterdam is a city full of energy and fun, as well as being a really beautiful place.

Visit the 'Dam for fun and frolics

Much has been said and written about Amsterdam and most of it is true - the capital city of The Netherlands is just as fun and extreme as you may have heard.

The heart of the liberal Dutch worldview you can indulge in some activities in 'cafes' that are maybe not accessible elsewhere in Europe. A great way to spend a day especially if you choose a cafe of repute and don't go too over the top, having a little session while in Amsterdam is no bad thing and one for your travel bucket list.

The city has plenty of other things to do that are highly recommended to balance the hedonistic times with some culture and history. Amsterdam encapsulates much of Dutch culture and is for sure worth visiting.


Travel destinations in The Netherlands

Amsterdam: Visit the capital city of the Netherlands for a day trip, weekend or longer holiday. Massive amounts of things to do and loads of great fun to be had!


Best Hotels in The Netherlands

Best hotels in Amsterdam