Paris is a truly global city and where the worlds of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture collide to create a veritable banquet of indulgent hedonism. Nobody loves life more than Parisians.

What you need to know about Paris

Language: The national language is French. English is widely spoken and finding some Spanish and Italian speakers might not be beyond reason. Best to learn some basic French phrases all the same to be polite.

Currency: The currency in the Euro.

Banking: Banking options, ATMs and the acceptance of all major bank cards is no issue when you travel there.

Weather: The climate is not too dissimilar to London. It is warm in the summer without being oppressive. In winter it is cold enough to need a coat and scarf which is a nice excuse to buy some chic new clothes from one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Take Paris into your heart

It is impossible not to fall in love with Paris. The most visited city in the world is simply stunning in every imaginable way. An idyllic stroll around the arrondissements full of wonderful cafés, architecture and a unique warmth and romance - a "joie de vivre" (joy of living) -  you only find in this city.


The iconic Eiffel Tower at night

Paris has so many sights to see

The iconic Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris, and the views from the top (even if you don't ascend for a bite to eat) are a stunning way to drink in the city all around you.

The famous view from atop Montmartre provides an equally excellent 'vue' of the city, but with an artistic feel to the vantage point.

A must-see is the Louvre to come face to face with Mona Lisa and her enigmatic smile. Countless other works of art will greet you as you wander through the museum, the grounds of which (originally a royal palace but given to the people of France when Versailles was built by Louis XIV) are beautiful in their own right.

For those wanting to mix things up, Disneyland and Stade de France provide enough contemporary kicks to entertain.


The stunning glass pyramid of Le Musée du Louvre

Escape to foodie heaven in the restaurants in Paris

If you want the best Michelin star food money can buy then you can find it in Paris. Establishments such as Epicure will take you on a culinary journey that will leave you speechless. There are thousands of eateries - both formal and informal - to match any taste, budget and menu preference. Sometimes the best way to find a little gem that suits is to stroll around the streets and see what catches your eye. bonne appétit!

Paris transport links

Paris is simple to get around if you embrace the use of the Metro. No matter if you’re travelling from Orly or Charles de Gaulle International Airports, or Gare du Nord station, you can be where you need to be in no time at all.

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