Art, romance, fine wine and amazing food are just some of the things synonymous with France. Amazing hotels and holidays in France are waiting for you!

What you need to know about France

Language: French is the national language. You will find that in the big cities people understand some English with youngsters being more conversant than the older generation in rural areas.

Currency: Euro

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: Summers are nice and warm without peaking too high (mid 30s max most years), whereas winters can be windy and wet with some pretty snappy cold temperatures. It is not the most brutal weather in any season so no special provisions need to be made. Just pack appropriate to the season.


See some utterly amazing period castles and châteaux in the Loire Valley.

Experience Gallic flair and epic landmarks

The most famous cities in France house some unreal attractions, most famously the Eiffel Tower, Versailles and the Louvre in Paris. Outside of the capital city though there are plenty of brilliant experiences awaiting. The sandy beaches of Antibes are lush and highly appealing to sun worshipping travellers. The coastal area of Normandy has the stunning Mont Saint-Michel and its famous 1,200 year old abbey. The height of gallic luxury can be seen in the Loire Valley where Château de Chambord is frankly insanely beautiful and the Alpine region has jewels to savour as well.

So much more than just Paris

Taking a stroll through the romantic streets of Paris is undoubtedly still a serious highlight of any trip to France. The landmarks are plentiful and well connected via the city's Metro but there is no better way to really see Paris than to explore it above ground and on foot. The architecture is wonderful and once you are in the centre of the city you can easily plan a day where you connect the tourist attraction dots on foot if you have time.

France is indeed much more than just Paris and the Eiffel Tower but the capital city is a must-see when you visit this passionate and friendly country.

Travel destinations in France

Paris: The unbelievable City of Lights that will steal your heart the moment you arrive. Undoubtedly the most romantic city in the world and definitely one to tick off from your travel bucket list.

Nice: A jewel of a city in the French Riviera with famous beach fronts, lovely hot summer sun, fine dining and a great coastal road that leads to nearby Monaco.


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