Denmark is a super friendly place with great cities, hotels and attractions to see on your travels. Plan your trip to one of Europe's nicest nations today!

What you need to know about Denmark

Language: Danish is spoken throughout Denmark. English is widely spoken in the major cities like Copenhagen. Other Scandinavian languages like Swedish and Norwegian are also understood by many locals because of how similar they are to Danish in many ways.

Currency: Danish Krone

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: It can be lovely and warm in the summer months and very wet and cold in the winter so pack appropriately!

Main reasons to check out Danish cities

The nature is great to explore including lovely fjords, coasts, hills and forests.

The people are super friendly - everything you have heard about the most hygge place on earth is totally true! Consistently Denmark is ranked as the safest place in the world which is very handy for travellers who can enjoy the charming locals in a risk-free environment. Obviously still be vigilant of your surroundings and valuables like you would do anywhere else but you'll feel comfortable within an instant.

The food is also fresh and really, really tasty and the attractions are plentiful and interesting.

Best time to visit Denmark

The low season between October and April each year is colder and has wetter weather but are quieter. As the daytimes are shorter (the sun sets a lot earlier) you might find that some attractions, mainly those that are outdoors, are closed for parts of the low season. If you time your travel to sync in with the festive season then you do however benefit from a lovely Christmas vibe filled with lights, markets and ice skating in the main cities like Copenhagen.

The best time to go if you want something more temperate may be the mid season (May to June, also middle of August until the end of Septmber) when the weather is milder than the winter and there are still less people visiting than in the high season.

Peak high season is the middle of June for two months up until the middle of August when you will find says are longer, weather is warmer and everything in terms of amenities and attractions is open. There are a lot more visitors to contend with in big cities but it is still a lot of fun.

Travel destinations in Denmark

Copenhagen: Capital city and full of interesting things to see and do like the Little Mermaid statue and Tivoli Gardens.

Best hotels in Denmark

Best hotels in Copenhagen