Get set to visit the most stunning and friendly country on earth. Canada awaits travellers and tourists with open arms. So much awesome stuff to see and do!

What you need to know about Canada

Language: English and French are the national languages of Canada. All products in shops carry both languages but English is by far the most widely spoken of the two languages. You will only really come across French-only areas in parts of the province of Quebec.

Currency: Canadian dollar.

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: Canada is huge so its weather varies wildly. Summer months are lovely and warm with the Rockies being especially roasting due to the altitude and lack of cloud cover. The winter months are everything you expect from Canada.... it snows a lot!

The western province is closer to sea level and can be much wetter throughout the year than other parts of the country.

The northern areas that are nearest to the arctic are especially freezing cold and not as widely visited. They can however throw up some amazing natural wonders to see still like amazing aurora if you do your research on when they will be most viewable (Oct-Mar) in the year.

The nicest locals in the world await you, eh!

Unquestionably the friendliest country in the world, you will never come across a place that you’d happily move to more based purely on how lovely the locals are.

Canada is huge. Like really, really huge. The second biggest country on earth so don’t expect to see it all in one trip unless you have some serious free time to travel.

It is broken into thirteen provinces, the most popular to visit being British Columbia (Vancouver), Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton), Ontario (Toronto) and Quebec (Montreal and Quebec City) but there are plenty of places to visit outside of these main provinces. The big cities naturally pull in more travellers but going off the beaten track unearths some brill places that shouldn’t be surprising in a country this big.

Nature and scenery like nowhere else

The biggest highlight of Canada is probably the scenery, the nature and the wildlife. Whether in summer months or the most bitter parts of winter it always looks staggeringly beautiful when you get out into the wild. Your best areas to travel to for immense nature experiences are anywhere near the Rocky Mountains so the Eastern flank of British Columbia but mainly the national parks on the outskirts of Calgary such as Banff National Park.

Driving through the Rockies bookended by never ending mountains is something that will take your breath away, and train trips that plough a throughway between Alberta and B.C. such as the Rocky Mountaineer are beyond picturesque especially in winter when things feel super festive and a white Christmas is guaranteed.


Travel destinations in Canada

Calgary: One of the most famous cities in Canada and your gateway to the Rocky Mountains. The city itself is an ever-growing, friendly place with a frontier feel, and the nearby Rockies and Banff National Park make Calgary a truly awesome place to visit.

Banff: The cutest mountain town in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and a great base to visit the highlights of the surrounding National Park with the same name. See the stunning Lake Louise, Lake Minnewanka, stand on the peak of nearby Sulphur Mountain or do a spot of skiing at the multiple ski resort slopes found in the area.

Best Hotels in Canada

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