Travel to the sun and sounds of Brazil where you will discover passionate locals and explore amazing places. Hotels galore and unique experiences await!

What you need to know about Brazil

Language: Brazilian Portuguese is the local language. Very similar to European Portuguese with some localised turns of phrase. If you speak the European variant then you can totally get by.

Currency: Brazilian Real

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: It is simply put.... hot! In the summer months it is scorching so bring plenty of sun tan lotion with you when you travel.


The famous Copacabana beach in Brazil.

Brazil is pretty much everything you imagine it to be. Vibrant locals, amazing weather, sun kissed beaches and some truly unbelievable attractions.

As the biggest country in South America - 50% of the continent live there! - it is full of old communities to explore, contrasting massive cities and a little touch of flair that is synonymous with Brazilian culture.

In terms of the aforementioned flair, Carnival in Rio is the most insane experience that runs annually from the Friday before Ash Wednesday right through to the following Tuesday. It is an immense spectacle and a unique experience that is completely different to the Carnivale in Venice for example. This is a huge party that lasts five whole days covered by the national media and is monstrously large in scale. As a non-local it could be a little much so be sure to keep abreast of your bearings and know how to get back to your hotel. As long as you're feeling safe & secure and your valuables are well guarded (leave most things in your hotel safe) you can just enjoy the party mood and if you're lucky you'll end up meeting some friendly locals who can teach you some Latin dance moves! 😉

Away from Carnival if you're looking for sun then the start of the calendar year is the best time to visit. Book a flight and hotel for January or February and you're guaranteed seriously hot sun.

The colder months are still nice and warm so you could easily book a trip or great travel deal for later in the year without needing to pack a scarf.

DO go chasing waterfalls (shhhh to TLC)

Most thoughts usually turn to Rio or São Paulo but other cities and regions are worth considering too.

Accessing the amazing Iguazú Falls for example means a trip to Paraná State. You will need to fly to Foz do Iguaçu if you're visiting the falls from the Brazilian side (they are shared with Argentina) and there are buses and taxis that can take you all the way to and from the airport. It is totally worth the trip because they are unreal to see up close!

Spot some wonderful nature in the wild

There are creatures that are viewable in their natural habitat in Brazil including the elusive Jaguar. The giant cat that you do not want to get too close and personal with is probably the highlight of a trip along the Cuiaba River. As well as the feline predator you can also see what must be the most adorable animal in the world.... the CAPYBARA! The massive rodents are fairly unflappable so if you come across one it will probably just stare at you in its inimitable style as you drift on by.

Earn your stripes with the locals by visiting Fernando de Noronha

If you're up for some adventure then heading about 350km off the coast of mainland Brazil will land you on the paradise beaches of Fernando de Noronha.

This relatively untouched archipelago made up of 21 mindblowingly beautiful islands is a feature within a national park. With that comes protected status they you will appreciate the need for when you see how stunning it is. For this reason you'll be charged a mandatory Environment Protection Tax when you get there but will ultimately not care one iota after setting eyes on some of the most vibrantly emerald waters in the world lapping up on impossibly beautiful beaches.

Telling mainlanders back in Brazil that you've been on a trip there is sure to impress them and make you the envy of many in Brazil. You'll also have a chance to see diving pelicans if you follow the Esmeralda Coast Trail so get your trekking mindset fixed and walk your way to a totally unique experience!

Travel destinations in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro: the former capital city and home to the most iconic places in Brazil.

São Paulo: Vibrant, passionate and full of fun, you have to visit São Paulo if you want to be sure of a good time.

Belo Horizonte: Amazing things to do in the city and it surrounding mountains. Definitely one to explore when you're in South America.

Natal: Beaches and blissful fun in the Brazilian sun. Enjoy some relaxing time in the beautiful coastal waters of this former colonial port.


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