Good times and great memories await when you book a visit to Belgium. A mafical country and a pretty example of European culture.

What you need to know about Belgium

Language: In Belgium there are three official languages; French, Dutch and German. Each are not universally spoken however and have a focal point of usage in each of the three ‘communities’ that make up the country. In the capital city things are bilingual. In larger cities you will find many people also understand English.

Currency: Euro

Banking: ATMs are found all over the country and all major cards are accepted.

Weather: In summer the weather is warm and pleasant without being too crazy. Winters are very cold indeed with a real bite to the wind.


The famous Belfry tower looms large over the city of Bruges.

A country where history sits nicely with modern life

Belgium is the quintessential old European country and it has thankfully retained that historic heritage by ensuring that modern life and architecture has not displaced the lovely towns and traditions of yesteryear.

Brussels is the hub of modernity and the city is where modern major European institutions can be found such as the European Commission, but it still remains home to the gems such as the Royal Palace and the Lake of Love. The huge Atomium landmark is also an attraction synonymous with Brussels.

Bruges is like a fairytale in the winter

The epitome of ye olde Belgium is the stunning city of Bruges that is unbelievably picturesque in wintertime (but bring a coat because it it really cold!) and definitely one to visit. Bruges in winter is like walking through a fairytale with its Christmas markets, tall old buildings that include the famous Belfry bell tower that can be climbed, its majestic swans gliding down the river and friendly restaurants serving tasty food and beer.

Visit Antwerp for good times plus great local beer!

A bigger city is Antwerp with its impressive market square and welcome locals. A city brewery in Europe is for sure worth paying a visit to while you’re nearby and Antwerp’s De Koninck brewery is no different. Get it added to your list of things to do in Belgium.

Whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to travel to when you visit Belgium you’ll be really happy you made the trip to a warm, welcome and wonderful European city.

Travel destinations in Belgium

Bruges: One of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a fairytale winter wonderland that definitely should be on your travel bucket list.


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